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Pin Up Bet is one of the most popular online bookmakers among users in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. It offers a well thought-out player support program, as well as transparency, honesty and realistic chances of winning. 

Pin Up Bookmaker Review 

The Pin Up betting company is a service where users place bets on current sporting events and win real money when the bet is activated. Here you can also watch online games and video broadcasts of soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis and table tennis and other major sports.
Pin-up is very popular with gamblers and is one of the best bookmakers in the gambling industry, which is confirmed by many positive reviews from users of the site. 

Pin the official site

BK Pin Up's official website has a nice color palette that consists of the use of red and turquoise colors in the company logo and the placement of information about the target in several blocks on a white background.
On the main page of the official website Pin Up ru there are several blocks of information:
• Lived leadership,
• Live betting and announcements,
• Window with video transmission and display of all key moments (goals, penalties per minute),
• "Events", "Calendar", "Results", "Statistics" etc. tabs,
• Betting window and express generator.
In addition, the time and the built-in system computer are displayed above, with the help of which one can calculate the winnings if a certain bet is triggered. And in the top right corner there are the "Login" and "Register" buttons.
The user interface of the service version for residents of Ukraine (pin up, etc.), Kazakhstan (pin up kz) and other CIS countries is practically the same. 

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In order to be able to conclude pin-up sports betting, the user must register. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:
1. On the main site of the site, click the red "Register" button in the upper right corner.
2. Enter your mobile phone number in the window that opens. For confirmation, a special code is sent by SMS, which must be entered in the line that appears.
3. If you choose to register by e-mail, a letter with a link will be sent to your mailbox within a few seconds of entering the information. When clicking, the user confirms his mailbox and his account.
It is better to attach both a phone number and an email to your profile. First, it offers more opportunities to regain access in the event of unforeseen circumstances, and second, it increases the likelihood of receiving special newsletters about current promotions and valid promotional codes.
4. Create and enter a password.
5. Click the "Register" button.
After completing the last step, the registration in Pin Up is complete. The user automatically logs into his personal account.
In order to get into the pin-up mode, the player must enter a login, which consists of a telephone number or email address (depending on the chosen registration path) and a password. 

How to place an online bet 

Creating an account during the registration process is not the only requirement to start betting. In addition, you must go through a verification process, during which the service receives information about the age of the user as well as confirmation of his identity. This is necessary to convince the player of the age of majority, since by law only citizens who have reached the age of 18 can place bets.
After completing the registration and verification, the user can start targeted activities on the bookmaker's website. To place a pin-up bet:
1. Make a deposit into your personal account.
2. On the main site of the site, select the sport, the name of the tournament, the event and the result of the event (win / lose / tie).
3. Click the scorecard. The odds bet slip is displayed on the right side of the page.
4. To confirm your bet, you need to enter the amount and click the "Place Bet" button.
The bookmaker Pin Up offers its users all the necessary opportunities to make profits through sports betting.