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In order to increase interest in online betting and slot machines, the developers of Pin Up have created a special bonus program for their users. It includes welcome bonuses, various promotions, the possibility of receiving prizes and gifts for active activities on pin-up sites, as well as an increase in level and privileges due to a large volume of transactions.

Description of the bonus program

When the user interacts with the functionality of bookmakers and casinos in pin-up style, the player can somehow lose interest if not constantly warmed up. A bonus program has been developed for this, within which every player can receive various prizes, gifts and free local bonuses (spins, local currency, etc.).
The Pinup Loyalty Program includes welcome gifts on registration and first deposit, the ability to receive gifts for birthdays and the start of major sporting events, weekly cashback accumulation of some of the money from losing bets, and participation in a weekly quiz and lottery. as well as receive personal invitations and promotions for each registered user. 

This is how you earn bonuses

In pin-up style sports betting, the user has 2 types of accounts: main and bonus account. You can use your bonus account balance for online gaming and betting. Its use begins automatically after less than 10 rubles remain in the main balance.
The player receives bonuses during active activity on the sites: he places sports bets, makes deposits, etc. The peculiarity of these funds is that they have a lifespan and expire when they expire. In order for the bonus to be paid out, it must be realized. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:
• Determine the amount of the stake on the bonus (the required sales volume for the courses). It is registered in the "Bonuses" section of your personal account.
• Calculate the stake amount (corresponds to the product of the bonus amount due to the stake).
• Place bets on events from the main balance. This is how the bonus bet is made. The moment the number of bets equals the bet amount, the bonus is considered realized.
There is a list of conditions under which the bet will not be taken into account when wagering the bonus. This contains:
• tariffs with reimbursement status,
• calculated ahead of time for insurance companies,
• repeated bets,
• Positions that have been marked and edited (Pin Up option that allows you to change the speed).
So, in order to earn pin-up style bonuses, you need to actively place bets, make deposits, play slot machines, etc. 

Bonuses for newbies
Like many other services, the platform offers welcome bonuses to attract new users, which the player receives after registration and during the first promotions for the services.
There are 2 bonuses for beginners:
• 100% additional loan on first deposit. This means that if there is a deposit of 1000 rubles in the account, 2000 rubles will be credited to the account, if there are 2000 rubles in the account. - 4000 rubles. etc. So, you can get up to 30 thousand rubles. it's free. However, like all other bonuses, this bonus is valid for 72 hours.
• When entering the Pin Up Casino, the player receives 250 free spins. The user receives 50 free spins within 5 days. However, to take advantage of these spins, you need to top up your balance by at least 2,000 rubles.
The bonus program developed by the Pin Up platform is a great incentive for users to take as many promotions as possible, as it not only increases the chances of winning, but also gives away bonuses and free gifts.