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The bookmaker Pin Up Bet is very popular with players because of its simplicity, clarity and, above all, legality. Since the site complies with the law, blocks and access restrictions can only be activated by Internet providers. However, to get around all of these obstacles, a solution was devised - to use a pin-up style mirror. 

What is a pin-up mirror?

Pin Up Mirror is a copy of the bookmaker's main website that is constantly updated and where all the features are fully preserved. Using a pin-up style mirror does not require re-registration or creation of a new account as both sites are based on the same database which allows the customer to log into their personal account, which is one and on which all bets and Deposits, winnings and bonuses are saved.
Using the mirror to communicate with the Pin Up Bet bookmaker will allow you to bypass any restrictions. So to place bets while the main page is blocked, all you have to do is go to the site via the mirror, enter your username and password and you are ready to win. 

How to connect to a pin-up mirror

Finding a working link to a bookmaker's mirror on internet search engines by yourself is difficult and risky as there is a chance of getting onto scammers' pages. Therefore, it is worthwhile to connect to the mirror using the links received:
• in the Pin-Up Bookmaker newsletter (registration required),
• in the official application (the connection to the desired mirror is automatic, you do not have to select anything manually).
The pin-up mirror is also optimized for mobile devices so that it can be connected to any smartphone or tablet regardless of the operating system. 

Mirror function in pin-up

The capabilities of a pin-up style mirror are completely similar to the functionality of the main version of the bookmaker's website. Here the player can take all the necessary actions:
• place bets on sporting events,
• track predictions,
• top up the account balance, make a deposit,
• withdraw money won,
• use bonuses and promotional codes,
• Watch live and video broadcasts
• follow the newsfeed,
• Use technical support.
The mirror is in no way inferior to the regular version of the bookmaker's website and is an excellent solution for entry and access problems for users from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the CIS countries. 

Other ways to get around the blockage
If access is restricted to both the Ledger Side and the Mirror, you can use one of the following methods to bypass the lock:
• Use of VPN services or browser VPN plug-ins (eg Opera, FireFox, etc.) that give the impression of being logged in via a foreign server and changing the region.
• Anonymizer to hide information about the IP address or the user. The best known are TOR, Freegate, JahProxy.
• Use of mobile VPN applications such as B. Potatso Lite and others.
A pin-up mirror exists so that a player from any region of the CIS countries, especially the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, regardless of the time and state of the site, can place bets, win, win money and any of the Best legal bookmakers in one of the best legal bookmakers. Withdraw conveniently to your accounts.