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The mirror of the betting site is its exact copy, preserving visual and functional data, but located at a different email address.
Initially, at the dawn of online gambling, they were created to unload servers that at that time could not maintain a stable connection of many users.

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 To solve this problem, copies of sites were created that did not differ in functionality and appearance. Now they are more needed to ensure constant access to the site, but not because of the load of servers, but because of the threat of blocking the site.
This phenomenon is not unique to India, it is true for online bookmakers around the world. Sports betting sites and casio website india app and websites are blocked daily. Most often this happens with young and illegal bookmakers who do not have a license, but reliable companies that have been operating for many years are not protected from such blockages either. The presence of a license, user agreements, organized financial processes and compliance with all rules and regulations do not guarantee the company that their sites will not be blocked. At the same time, for a large bookmaker, even a few hours of inactivity of its electronic resource is fraught with huge financial losses, since users simply cannot use the services due to the blocking of the site.
To solve these problems, the “mirrors” of the official website of the bookmaker are created. They are needed so that when the official website is blocked, users can retain access to the betting or pin-up casino apk download functions. For the same reason, mirror sites always retain the appearance and functionality of the main site from which they were copied. If these pages differ, then users may have false suspicions and distrust, while maintaining identity, most users do not even notice that the email address of the page has changed.
Mirrors are used not only directly at the moment of blocking the main site, most often when creating a betting company, developers think in advance of a whole network of similar sites that is used constantly. In “quiet times” they serve to reduce the load on the servers, which is why when using a bookmaker, you may notice that the email address may change on different sections of the site. When the threat of blocking or when the site is no longer available, mirrors receive a heavy load and perform the functions of the main resource.
The main problem associated with mirrors is the spread of fraudulent sites. Many scammers, in an attempt to make a profit dishonestly, create their own fraudulent sites by copying them from analogues of popular pinup sports betting india. They pretend to be a mirror of official websites, but in fact the true purpose of such resources is the theft of personal data, bank accounts and access to a personal account in casinos and sports betting. To do this, they ask already authorized users to re—log into their profile, after which they can steal card numbers, login, password, email address, and in the worst scenarios — phone number, photos of documents. In order to protect yourself from such negative situations, you need to remember only one rule — official mirrors never require re-authorization. Redirection from the main site to the “spare” takes place automatically, unnoticed by the user, only the url link changes. If the user is asked to re-enter the data from his profile on a new page, it is most likely a fraudulent site. In any case, do not enter your data again, especially do not go through verification on such sites with a photo of documents and do not conduct banking operations.