Pin Up Promo Codes

Promo codes are a separate part of the promotion of active users from bonuses and promotions. Their peculiarity lies in one-time use, as well as in the fact that not all promo codes can be found directly on the Pin Up games slots india website. In this regard, the bonuses provided with the codes go only to the most active and interested users and fans.

Hot Fruits - PIN UP
Hot Fruits
Drago - PIN UP
Book of Dead - PIN UP
Book of Dead
Dazzle Me - PIN UP
Dazzle Me

To activate all promo codes on the site there is a separate section that users can find in the horizontal menu at the top of the screen. Here they can find a special window where they need to enter the code. After use, the window will display information about the prizes, as well as the rules for their use and the existing restrictions. It is also worth considering that promo codes are only available for verified users. Some of the promo codes are available only to new profiles and are valid for a limited amount of time, and verification takes some time to check documents and confirm identity. In this regard, you should not postpone verification if you want to use all available promo codes, because otherwise you risk not having time to apply the promo code before its expiration date.

How to withdraw funds from promo codes

All prizes received from promo codes are subject to similar restrictions, as well as bonuses from promotions. The received free spins in pin up india, free bets or funds on the bonus account cannot be simply used and immediately withdrawn into real money. In order to turn electronic currency into real money, it is necessary to fulfill several conditions. These conditions vary from one code to another, but the general rules remain unchanged:
● If you have received free spins or free bets, you can use them for their intended purpose and win or lose the bonus amount. However, in order to withdraw, you need to play so many games that the initial amount increases by a certain number of times, the values x10, x25, x50 of the initial amount are most often used. For example, if you have received 1,000 rupees to the bonus account, you may need to make so many bets or spins that the total turnover is 10,000, 25,000 or 50,000 rupees according to the value in the requirements. It does not have to be a win, the lost money also goes to the total amount. When you reach the desired number, you will be able to withdraw the winnings that you have left.
● There are also often promo codes that give users a large number of free bets and spins, but limit them in the possibility of implementing these bonuses. For example, bets can be placed only in the form of certain parlays with a clearly defined number of events in the chain and a limited minimum coefficient. They may also limit the list of pin up money in which you can win back free spins. Such measures are designed to complicate the process of using the bonus in order to increase the bookmaker's profit. However, this does not mean that such promotions are not profitable for the user. He also receives awards and prizes, which he can convert into real money, just with the fulfillment of certain restrictions.
● Most promo codes in pinup casino have a limit on the maximum amount of money you can get from it. Usually, during the use of bonus funds, the player has both victories and defeats, which compensate for each other and do not allow him to go into a big minus or plus. In this case, the player can rarely score more than the maximum limit at the end. However, in theory, a scenario is possible in which a person is lucky too much and he will win all the games while fulfilling the conditions, in which case his balance will go into a huge plus, increasing several times. Obviously, paying huge sums to such lucky people is unprofitable for PinUp online. Therefore, in order to protect the company from such lucky people, restrictions on withdrawal of funds are introduced for most bonuses.